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    We are the leading classified dentist directory in Chicago. What we do is give you the information and most importantly, the dentists you need for any dental problem you may have. Just to make sure that you are properly informed, we regularly update our website with information relating to dental health, dental products, tooth whitening solutions, tooth whitening systems and dental insurance information.

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    What About Chicago?

    Chicago is the place to be if you appreciate only the finest entertainment and performing arts the western world has to offer. The world’s first skyscraper was built in Chicago in 1885, and since then, the world started flocking to what appeared to be one of the greatest cities in the world at that time – and it still is today. You may also be familiar with the largest fastfood franchise in the world – McDonald’s. It got its first franchise start in Chicago as a small restaurant that catered ‘quick meals’ like apple pie, burgers and French fries. Sports players and fans also pay homage to Chicago as the home of the first official ‘indoor’ baseball game – softball. And who could forget the attention Michael Jordan brought upon Chicago, as he paved the way for basketball to become the most-watched sport in the world.

    Chicago spans 606 kilometers, with a population of nearly three million people, making it rank third of the United States’ most densely populated cities.  Chicago is renowned for its immersion in world-class education, pioneering the way US university education is today. Some celebrated universities, famous for their selectiveness in the admission of incoming students, include Loyola University, which toppled academically-competing universities with its outstanding MBA program, which hones the best business acumen of its alumni.

    Health services in Chicago are also top-notch when it comes to health care services and facilities. The University of Chicago Medical Center is graced by the best physicians and diagnosticians in the world. Chicago’s yearning for sustainability by means of eco-friendly practices and facilities has brought national attention and has garnered the city handsome endowments from the US government.

    Getting around Chicago is fairly easy, because it boasts walkable streets and easy navigation, even for non-city dwellers. It’s easy to familiarize driving in Chicago, whether you’re riding your own auto or taking the trains or buses. Chicago also boasts limousine services, which can take you anywhere around the city will class.

    Chicagoans know for a fact their beloved city wasn’t called “The Windy City” for nothing. Chicago produces strong breezes tantamount to the force of wind of Dodge City Kansas, and Amarillo, Texas. Chicago has experienced extremes in temperatures, which have surged up to 44°C in the summer of 1995 or better known as the Chicago Heat Wave and frigid, subzero temperatures of -64°C, which can easily knock you out if you’re not wearing tightly insulated coats and earmuffs.

    And to end this titular appraisal of Chicago, we would like to commend Chicago’s flourishing architectural designs for its campuses, homes and business facilities. Whether you’re looking for a brick-layered 1800’s building, or colleges for the futurists at heart, the Illinois Institute of Technology has all of them sharing the same parking lot.

    Chicago is the pantheon of pioneered greatness in America. The sceneries are epic and the awesomeness of the people just lets you want to stay there even longer.

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